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10 interactive units for free and Italian language online via Skype.
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Visiting Italy ? Pills of iItalian language and tips on Italian culture!

How it works:

By clicking on the tourist point of interest you get the italian mini course based on audiovocabulary: key words and audio short dialogues by native speakers. You can take part in the audio lesson by playing the tourist Text-guides for all words and dialogues are included and will help you to understand

By becoming a member you gain access to our Explore-learming platform and get the following benefits:

  • Effortless method 100% guaranteed by foreign language experts
  • No grammar, no rules
  • Native speakers pronunciation
  • Time space for you in the play role
  • Italian lessons online (small group or one to one) available on request – Our tutors are all native speakers l

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  • Tips and news section on Naples weekly updated
  • Weekly up-to-date calendar of events and exhibitions in the city of Naples
  • Naples points of interest described with historical information, maps , photos
  • Portable
  • Downloadable
  • Work with us – send us an e-mail with your CV and become an Italian tutor !!
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Explore Naples,enjoy nature and culture….have fun trying to speak Italian !!!!

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