Italian Language Courses on line

Lesson italian with Skype? In the past Italian Language courses were, to speak the truth, quite boring. Lots of rules, grammar, repetitions, useless words, and zero conversation. Our courses are different. They are funny, easy, linked to the sightseeing of Naples one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You move around listen to […]

Speak Italian online

It is time to have your Italian lesson online. What do you need? You are thinking to have an Italian lesson online.At last you decided to have it.What do you need? are Nothing really, just prepare yourself mentally you are not going to school you are going to speak to an Italian friend who is […]

Learn italian online?

Learn Italian online? Yes ,You can ! Did you know that you can have a real conversation in Italian from the comfort of your house? Wherever it is. Learn Italian online is easy and convenient. You can choose the time of this conversation during the week or during the weekend, if you are on the […]