Food & Drink in Naples

Food and drinks in Naples  possibly in Italian !!!

Food and drink in Naples and of course as a whole in the Campania region as a whole, and possibly asked in Italian  are truly an unforgettable experience and not only for food-lovers or gourmet travellers-The Italian language will be very useful  at the restaurant, at the bar, or just in the selection of food.

Local food and drinks are connected to the territory and witness very old traditions.You will get to know them much better if you can manage to understand Italian a little bit..

This time we will talk about  pasta, wine, and olive oil which together constitutes the backbone of the healthy” Mediterranean Diet”.

Pasta is a staple food which is eaten every day  by families at lunchtime and often, in the form of a lighter soup, at dinner as well. Homemade pasta, especially if made from wholewhite grains is the best, nutritious and balanced. It combines very well eather  with vegetables  and beans , in countryside recopies, or  with seafood  in Neaples and in  coastal villages.Voiello and Garofalo are two of the best  Neapolitan brandsavailable in supermarkets and food shops.

 Wine is the drink of excellence in Naples and in the region and is made today like centuries ago.Best local wines are The Mastro Berardino ‘s Lachrima Christi , which is produced on the Vesuvious, The Falanghina of the Phlegrean Fields,  and The Aglianico, a strong red wine, of the Benevento  province.These wines are available in restaurants and supermarkets . Wine tours can be organized and  give the visitor the chance to see how wine is produced  and the possibility of eating delicious home made food especially in the Benevento and Avellino  provinces.Asl in Italian for the best of them !!!

Extra virgin olive oil is not only the dressing for salads, it is part of every main or second course of your Italian meal. In Naples and in the south to the oil is sometimes added a fresh or dried chilly to stimulate digestion  during summer months  and to reduce your salt intake. Unlike Toscana and Puglia, famous  for  big productions, olive oil in Campania is produced on a smaller scale along terraces like in the Sorrentina or Amalfitana peninsulas or, further south, in the Cilento National Park. Ancient oil-presses are still in use today .Usually formed by two big and heavy  round volcanic rocks, the oil press squeezes the freshly harvested olives ( nets are wrapped around olive trees to prevent olives from touching the ground) and the golden liquid coming out is quickly bottled. In ancient times olive oil was kept in round  hollow rocks covered with a heavy wooden lid and  kept fresh in this way for the whole year till the next crop.

We  give you a last tip ,when buying olive oil look for  Olio Extra Vergine di oliva 100% Italiano.

Well  enjoy your meal !! and start saying in Italian; Buon appetito !!!!

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