Italian Language Courses on line

Lesson italian with Skype?

In the past Italian Language courses were, to speak the truth, quite boring. Lots of rules, grammar, repetitions, useless words, and zero conversation. Our courses are different. They are funny, easy, linked to the sightseeing of Naples one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You move around listen to Italian conversations by native speakers and are invited to join in. You can listen to the right word pronunciation, getting use to the right “tone” and not be an anonymous tourist. You are in the real town playing a role in a real situation. You are not a stranger anymore… isn’t that great? People come to Italy because they love this beautiful country but usually are not prepare to speak because are afraid the language will be too difficult to them…but when you have a practical approach and no grammar is involved you will start learning in the same way as you learn your native language. So try our Italian Language Courses … they will make you discover the city of Naples and a unique culture!!
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