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Italian online is a wonderful and  easy way to approach this beautiful language. Wheather you are travelling or staying at home you can connect to the internet and start talking in Italian.Learning a language is mainly to engage in conversation  with the natives of that language.Whatever your purpose is to learn Italian online is far more simple then going to a language school or to enroll at the department of Italian at your local college or university, if ever that is available where you live.

Let ‘s assume your purpose is to learn Italian for pure fun.You like Italian food, you have already travelled to Italy or plan to visit anytime soon, you have an interest in fashion, lyrics, opera, art , literature or just have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to whom you would like to speak in his /her language to get closer to the  way  he thinks.So this is the purpose to learn Italian online.In order to get started for your first Italian online lesson you need a computer an internet connection , some time out of your daily schedule and an Italian online site.Explore Italian at Explore Naples Learn Italian is the perfect choise to find a tutor in Italian , a native speaker with whom you can start , for example, to start talking about visiting Naples. Travelling is a great way , probably the best one to learn a language.Far from a school or boring courses full of grammar, rules and syntax, you can put yourself at play and confront yourself with every situation you can  face in a real travel and start to interact. You tutor which after a few test questions has already in mind your language level will assist you and adapt to it formulating questions and answers to your level in order to keep  the conversation and interaction alive and meaningful.

We are very flexible about this point because we firmly think that there is nothing worse then being intimidated by a foreign language or by a foreign speaker in front of us.So we want you to speak , make mistakes but put your mood and spirit at it and imroving while having fun just like in real life maybe even better because our tutors  are not in a hurry with you on the contrary are ready to intervene , always in Italian, whenever you could have come to a dead end.In  short, learning Italian online at Explore Naples learn Italian you will find more then a traditional language school a modern way , a brand new method to start learning Italian at you pace, with fun but in the best possible way, because the passion for the language you may develope one day will lead you to perfect fluency in Italian.

So Italian online at Explore Naples is just a click away.Log in, book a conversation, start talking in Italian … we wait for you… A presto!!!

Dr Mario Innaro19