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Learn Italian online is  very useful if you are planning to become a chef or work in the food industry.Everyone knows that Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world  .There are two reasons to explain this outcome.The first is that   Italian cuisine is very healthy because it is based on the Mediterranean diet which, research has confirmed it  many times, is probably the only diet capable to slow the aging process in the body, we will retake the issue in a while.The second is that Italian cuisine , due to some of its world renewed specialities like pasta and pizza and the generally good and tasty ingredients can be considered a true ,global cuisine very appreciated everywhere ; in emerging countries  as in the old Europe,  the Americas, in Africa, Australia etc.If you plan a career in the food industry learning  Italian online is very useful you can infact understand very well the ingredients , being able to connect them to the corrisponding English words, and to understand their importance in Italian culture as well given the fact that regional flavours are another, very important, feature  linking the food to the territory.

How  do we  start an Italian lesson online to successfully cover all these issues?The answer is very simple :we start  with simple keywords related to food , we then name the ingridients and then start the conversation.As we progress we go out of the kitchen to cover different backgrouds such as the restaaurant, the hotel, the catering , the various branches of the food industry.In our Italian learning process related to the specifics of a chef career we  will talk of the latest trends  like the vegan one which embodies a truly different social  approach to food with the denial of animal food in the diet.A modern chef has to find himself at ease with all these aspects  and be able to manage them in order proceed  with his career well.Learning Italian online can help him to make the difference.

Veganism  will be addressed in another Italian lesson online .Please  follow us in the tips and news section of our site.

Dr mario Innaro

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