Learn Italian online: travel approach

Learn Italian online; travel approach.Learning Italian online thanks to travelling sounds really good and fascinating. Let ‘s explore how is it possible to learn Italian online.When the wonderful technologies we have today were not available  people , interested in learning a language, were preparing themselves studying mainly the written  part of that language.They had the interest of seeing a new country in which that language was spoken  behind them  for sure. They had maybe a great deal of a passion but little or no way at all to speak that language before actually go there in person.A lot of effort was made on grammar and grammatical rules in learning the language but there was no conversation and no natives speakers around to even start talking with somebody imagining learning the language online !!!.Knoledge was therefore theoretical anot practical and not useful at all for practical purposes like for instance to apply for a job, visit a country and be able to sunderstand people and talk etc, etc.-These are the same things  whisch we think to when we want to learn a language online today.
Nowdays thanks to new technologies all of those problems can be easily overcome.In fact we can not only preparing ourselves  in a more practice way learning the language online thanks to useful practical linguistic tools like playing roles , or fill out the blank in pre-assembled  dialogues  but we can also put ourselves at  play with a more specific travel approach at first by ourselves and secondly under the supervion of a tutor.To learn a  languages online we have created a new language method linked to travel or better saying  travel and learn.Let be specific.We have created  a new language learning method based on conversation and the possibility to test it in real travel  situations.

Let’s presume you want to learn Italian online because you want to travel to Italy and  visit the wonderful city of Naples.We want you to pretend you are already there and would like to move around.To do that you will have to force yourself to speak and learn online and that is the point that makes a great deal of difference ; you enter a situation in which you need to be practical and fast or you will miss the next tube station. So do not be afraid to make errors  that is part of the game.We suggest that to learn Italian online you  go through all the ten units we have arranged  for you as they are offered for free so that you will have  already broken the ice  with  this new concept and then, booking a lesson with a tutor of ours  go back in the same  travel situations  with the tutor … you will always play the tourist as we say or sometimes revers the roles and play the Neapolitan citizen or   shopkeeper, Just have fun .Yo will be astonished to discover  how faster you go in learning a language online  this way.

So learning a language online thanks to a travel experience online will be really rewarding and will keep you  focused not only on the language itself but also to the great culture that is behind  it ,,, in this case Naples and its still hidden secrets….

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