Italian Frasebook online

Italy is one of the most visited country in the world

Every year millions of people from all over the world come to Italy  in search of  culture, nature,good food,art,history.Most of the  tourists don ‘ t speak Italian  at all but loving the country like its language as well. As  we consider travelling a very useful tool to learn a language we have created an Italian frasebook covering the most important situations a foreign traveller could face up.

The frasebbok starts covering the journey to Italy.  The purchase of airplane tickets, the flight , the arrival at the airport, the transfer by taxi , train or bus, the check in at the Bed and breakfast, holiday home or hotel. The following day  you find yourself trying to order your breakfast in Italian. All these travel situations push you into situations which can be managed only trying to speak Italian.

We have created an Italian frasebook  online which is a talking map created to accompany you along the way.

The site contains italian language courses that can be studied by yourself or with one of our language tutors online.

We have tailored in fact the Italian frasebook  to be utilized both ways. The ideal thing will be to start by yourself  to test your presumed language level and then move forward  with the help of the tutor who will pretend to be your Italian counterpart in all the situations you will face  in the frasebook.
We have pointed a direction but you can move along the pasthway in a very free way. Visiting for example the spots you like the most according to your travel plan or the interests yo may have.

The Italian prasebook will always be available online and you can record all the Italian lessons online to go over the situations more then one time.
We reccomand  to repeat keywords many times with the support at the beginning of just a few verbs.Italian is a language very well structured and even if many people think it very difficult to be applied in real life situation  the contrary is more likely to be true. Let remember at this point that the Italian language derives from Latin which was in a sense the English language of the past.

It was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire for more then one thousand years considering that the Roman Empire of the east survived well  after the fall of Rome in the west and that it served the  trade between the east and the west. But the cultural impact of this ancient language was even greater if we consider it was the language of the cultivated people.

It was the laoguage of the arts ,  sciences, religion.
Did you realize the importance of learning Italian ? Isn’ t all this something really fascinating ? The first step was a simple Italian frasebook online !!!!

Dr Mario Innaro

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