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Skype Italian lesson at Explore Italian is a rewarding experiences for any of our tutors.

In the first place all  of our tutors  are highly qualified  teachers of Italian  .They all have a University degree in Foreign Languages with  specific specialization in the teaching of the Italian language to foreign students and above all they love teaching and are highly committed and motiveted  people.

A lesson on Skype, apart for the use of this technology ,whicht allows people to face each other and talk even if thousands of miles away, is nothing different then have a normal lesson face to face. A computer, like a microphone, can intimidate some people  with that fuss and emotion suddenly appearing but it will just be a sensation that will quickly disappear.

Our tutors will prepare  Italian Skype lessons in advance in two ways.

First they will prepare the technique with a range of topics tailored to the student they will have in front so that he will feel at ease .

Second they will match the student’s expectatiosn  from the lesson and more generally from the purpose he has set at the base of  his choice of learning Italian.

We have to stress one more time that an Italian lesson on skype must be considered much as a guided conversation then a check on grammatical rules or syntax.

Grammar will eventually be included , always as a check and never as the main purpose of an Italian lesson on Skype , unlessto in the case of students who want to become fluent in the language be teachers themselves or professionals who need  speak and talk exactely like a native speaker in their specific field of reference: business, tourism, hospitality industries,, etc etc.

So cleared the way of  logistic and emotional problems we can concentrate on the undoubtley numerous advantages  in favour of Skype lessons.You can chose your time and date of the lesson, the location can be your home or even the bar inyotime among your university lessons or between your lunch and dinner.Bear  in mind we can always provide a tutor even on weekends or late at night according on the different time zones.There will no be overcharges unless on bank holidays and late at night but these will just be case studies not the norm so feel confident about your choice of Italian lessons on Skype at Explore Naples.

Finally we remind you to feel free to contact us for any questions, curiosities, quaries, and even complaints you could have in managing your Italian Skype lessons;we will happy to help you enjoy your lessons and  get the maximum  benefit  from your experience with us.

Hoping to see you soon …Ciao e a presto!!!!

Dr. Mario Innaro

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