Italian Frasebook online

Italy is one of the most visited country in the world Every year millions of people from all over the world come to Italy  in search of  culture, nature,good food,art,history.Most of the  tourists don ‘ t speak Italian  at all but loving the country like its language as well. As  we consider travelling a very […]

Learn italian online to become a chef

  Learn Italian online is  very useful if you are planning to become a chef or work in the food industry.Everyone knows that Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world  .There are two reasons to explain this outcome.The first is that   Italian cuisine is very healthy because it is based on […]

Learn Italian online: travel approach

Learn Italian online; travel approach.Learning Italian online thanks to travelling sounds really good and fascinating. Let ‘s explore how is it possible to learn Italian online.When the wonderful technologies we have today were not available  people , interested in learning a language, were preparing themselves studying mainly the written  part of that language.They had the […]

Italian lesson work out

Italian lesson work out – the ideal way to practice language  skills. Any language lessons has two interpreters : the tutor and the student .They should be both commited to the result which in language terms means to be able to understand, speak and write as soon as possible. Knowledge has to be transmitted in […]

Skype Italian lesson

  Skype Italian lesson at Explore Italian is a rewarding experiences for any of our tutors. In the first place all  of our tutors  are highly qualified  teachers of Italian  .They all have a University degree in Foreign Languages with  specific specialization in the teaching of the Italian language to foreign students and above all […]

Italian online at Explore Naples

  Italian online is a wonderful and  easy way to approach this beautiful language. Wheather you are travelling or staying at home you can connect to the internet and start talking in Italian.Learning a language is mainly to engage in conversation  with the natives of that language.Whatever your purpose is to learn Italian online is […]

Explore italian with our online courses

Language online courses are becoming more popular every day. These online courses present many advantages compared to a normal  course taken at typical language schools.First of all online language courses are more practical .You can choose the time of your lesson according to your needs and daily schedule.You  do not need to go to the […]

Learn italian language visiting Naples

Learn Italian Language visiting Naples Impara la lingua italiana visitando Napoli..vieni in Italia,vieni a Napoli 5 Tips per non aver paura di fare errori studiando l’italiano: Sbagliare è normale mentre si studia una lingua straniera,e questo vale per tutte le lingue,anche per l’italiano Anche i madre lingua sbagliano… quindi non preoccuparti se succede anche a te..! […]