Italian as a foreign language: tips to learn

Italy is one of the most visited  countries in the world  for many reasons. and Italian as a foreign language is the perfect tool to visit the country. Nature is beautiful in every region,the climate with hot and dry summer and bearable sunny winters allow a long touristic season . You can go to the […]

Italian language is one of the most studied language of all

Italian among most studied languages Recenti studi hanno evidenziato che la lingua italiana è non solo tra le più parlate al mondo ,dopo l’inglese, lo spagnolo,il cinese, ma incredibilmente tra le più studiate al mondo !!! La 4 lingua nella classifica delle più studiate al mondo.. Ci avresti mai creduto..? Cosa spinge migliaia di persone […]

Italian Online at Explore language Courses

Italian lessons online are the most important tool you have to tremendously improve your language skills. Learning a language is in fact is something practical and practical means to understand and speak like native speakers do. You achive this through conversation.This is why we strongly advise you to take some lessons online with one of […]

Italian Language Courses on line

Lesson italian with Skype? In the past Italian Language courses were, to speak the truth, quite boring. Lots of rules, grammar, repetitions, useless words, and zero conversation. Our courses are different. They are funny, easy, linked to the sightseeing of Naples one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You move around listen to […]

Speak Italian online

It is time to have your Italian lesson online. What do you need? You are thinking to have an Italian lesson online.At last you decided to have it.What do you need? are Nothing really, just prepare yourself mentally you are not going to school you are going to speak to an Italian friend who is […]

Learn italian online?

Learn Italian online? Yes ,You can ! Did you know that you can have a real conversation in Italian from the comfort of your house? Wherever it is. Learn Italian online is easy and convenient. You can choose the time of this conversation during the week or during the weekend, if you are on the […]

12 aprile 2015 SUL TELEGRAPH

“Napoli, gioiello”: e per i lettori inglesi è la città più bella d’Italia L’affascinante Museo Archeologico di Napoli, l’eleganza dei suoi allestimenti, la sensualità dei reperti pompeiani. Sulle pagine on line del britannico Telegraph, nella sezione dedicata al turismo, è comparso due giorni fa un reportage di Stanley Stewart sulla Capitale del Mezzogiorno. Eloquente fin […]

The Neapolitan crib tradition

The Neapolitan crib tradition   The Neapolitan crib shows the deep religious sense of Neapolitans.The crib goes back as fas as Saint Francis’ age but it was in Naples that this ancient tradition of remembering Christmnas rituals found fertile grounds, and more artistic forms.The best cribs were probably made during the 1700th century ( famouse […]

Food & Drink in Naples

Food and drinks in Naples  possibly in Italian !!! Food and drink in Naples and of course as a whole in the Campania region as a whole, and possibly asked in Italian  are truly an unforgettable experience and not only for food-lovers or gourmet travellers-The Italian language will be very useful  at the restaurant, at […]


Public transportation in Naples includes : public buses , underground, funicular railways and trains , taxis. Buses are cheap but usually overcrowded and late.If you are waiting for a bus and see it is late it could probably mean the run has been cancelled so take a taxi , go to the nearest underground station […]