Public transportation in Naples includes : public buses , underground, funicular railways and trains , taxis. Buses are cheap but usually overcrowded and late.If you are waiting for a bus and see it is late it could probably mean the run has been cancelled so take a taxi , go to the nearest underground station or walk your way without hesitation and further loss of time. Underground is new and still upon completion but it works well and many stations have been decorated by renewed international artists and could worth while a visit by themselves like the station “Toledo” in the city center.There are guided visits called “Le stazioni dell’Arte” that are free of charge and explain in details the new beautiful,artistic Underground Stations in Naples. Funicular Railways connect the Upper city with the lower city namely the Vomero District , which is uphill to Chiaia or Toledo and there is another one from Mergellina to upper Posillipo,They are safe and run on time.Furthermore you can board both on Underground than on Funicolare your bike for free of charge. There also are cycling lines in the city,expecially in Via Caracciolo ,a beautiful street alongside the sea ,and in the Fuorigrotta and Mergellina districts. Peripheral railways like Circumflegrea or Circumvesuviana are quite crowded and must be taken with precautions . They connect the city center with the surroundings so are full of commuters. Taxis are faster than buses and take advantage of preferential lines .Before entering a taxi note if the taximeter have been switched on and if the taxi driver argues something get off immediately and look for another cab. Taxi drivers can be unpolite at times or very kind on the contrary so be prepared and try your luck.If you are stuck in a traffic jam it is better to walk to avoid a big fare. Fares from and to the Airport should be around Euro 23,00 plus a surcharge for baggage and eventually for night runs.The airport is a city airport very close to the city,ask the driver to take The Tangenziale or city highway so you will avoid traffic jams and arrive quicker.